Gay Artist Satisfies

David Rutter, whose exhibition of paintings at the Whibley Gallery in London has just closed after three highly successful weeks, is an active member of the Counter-Psychiatry Group of the Gay Liberation Front.

The paintings, which ranged from small, vivid flower pieces, executed in an unusual technique that mixes ink and crayon, to huge oils of Mediterranean landscapes, were all beautifully accomplished by someone who obviously knows how to handle his material. It was rewarding, in these days when anyone with a flair for publicity can wield a brush or an aerosol can and on the basis of a few wiggles or abstract shapes, declare himself an artist, to discover someone whose craftsmanship and feeling for nature can create such a satisfying response in the viewer. This ‘critic’ was particularly impressed with David’s watercolours, a medium that seems simple to the non-artist, but which requires extraordinary control; they bore the signs of the best watercolour paintings, being delicate, luminous and free.

David, who lectures on Art Appreciation at a College of Further Education, hopes to use the proceeds from this exhibition to visit India whence he expects to return with plenty of material for his next.

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