Is He Or Isn’t He

FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA: American justice officials, desperate to nail anyone for the mysterious slayings of 25 farm workers at Yuba City, have finally hit on an answer that satisfies them — all 25 who were mutilated after being killed were the victims of one man. A man they variously describe as ‘hopelessly heterosexual’ and as a ‘homosexual masochist’.

Juan Corona, a 38-year-old married farm labour contractor, is not the man who killed the 25, his defence lawyer says. But lawyer Richard Hawk won’t name the murderer.

He did tell Corona’s trial at Fairfield that in all cases the victims had been found with either their pants off or open: “We will establish that these were homosexual murders – with the 25 victims playing the part of the man” and the killer “playing the part of the woman.”

He said witnesses would testify that the killer must be a “homosexual masochist” who went into a “broiling homicidal rage and destroyed and mutilated his victims”.

Juan Corona was none of these things, said Mr Hawk. Witnesses would testify that Juan Corona was not a homosexual.

In fact, lawyer Hawk said, Juan Corona was “Hopelessly heterosexual… and hopelessly in love with his wife.”

Juan Corona is a Mexican – California’s lowest grade of citizen – and he has pleaded innocent to all 25 charges of murder. Mr Hawk called him “a well-liked man, the type of guy who taught his daughter how to ride a minibike. He had no motive for the killings.” However, the prosecution has called Juan Corona a homosexual masochist and told the jurors in Fairfield that he killed all 25 men before cutting off their genitals.

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