Continuing Saga (1)

I see the continuing saga of police harassment outside the Coleherne remains unabated. Two weeks ago last Friday I saw a bloke chase after someone with a bottle, hitting him with it several times in the street. The police were nowhere to be seen of course, to break it up. I suppose they only break up fights between heterosexuals.

I think it should be mentioned by someone, though, that the Coleherne (and that dump across the street which I won’t dignify by mentioning it by name) is one of the sleaziest, crummiest gay pubs anywhere, in my opinion. Even without police harassment, an evening at the Coleherne can be a most depressing experience.

There must be many readers of Gay News who are completely new to the gay scene. I would suggest that they avoid “meat-rack” type pubs like these and, instead, go along to places like GLF and CHE. where they stand a better chance of meeting people on a more human level. Every Wednesday, for instance, GLF have a disco at the Bull and Gate near the Kentish Town tube station. These are free of charge and much more enjoyable than the Earls Court pubs.

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