Underground Violence

LONDON: It has been reported to Gay News that at least one person was attacked on the Northern Line tube whilst returning from the Wednesday Gay Lib Disco at ‘The Bull and Gate’ pub, Kentish Town, on 18th November.

Apparently the attackers on seeing some people in semi-drag and wearing make-up decided it was time to take their aggressiveness out on someone, and began punching one of the disco-goers in the face. Reports vary about how many people were involved in the ensuing violence, and GLF’s London office, at the time of writing, knows nothing about the incident.

It does seem though, that this was just an isolated occurence and it certainly doesn’t mean that the skinhead/queer-basher violence that spoilt a number of GLF dances at Fulham Town Hall will be repeated at this popular gay disco. But we suggest that it may be a good idea for those wearing things likely to bring unwanted attention, to travel back with a group of people, rather than on their own or with just a handful of friends. We also recommend anyone who suffers any violence on the tube, to report the incident to the Transport Police.

Further developments, if any, will appear in GN

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