New Gay Bar

Shepherds Bush is the location for London’s new gay bar. Situated in THE WHEAT-SHEAF, Goldhawk Road, the bar is called THE GREEN ROOM, and it promises to be a pleasant addition to gay social life in London.

In the past The Wheatsheaf was known locally as being a gay pub, but previous management had discouraged its continued existence as such. But now the pub has new management and The Green Room itself is run by Ronnie, who is well known to many from his days at The Coleheme in Earls Court.

To enter the bar, one has to go through a longish, mirrored, ‘modern thirties’ hallway, complete with palm trees. And the Green Room is not surprisingly dominated by the colour it gets its name from. It is fairly large, but not enormous, and so evades being uncomfortable. The decor is similar to the entrance way and all things considered, it makes for a relaxing environment. The night GN was there background music was provided by a record player, the sounds ranging from ‘Cabaret’ to The Supremes.

The bar has been open, at the time of writing, for just over a week, and is still fairly quiet, but the signs are that it will increase in popularity as more people hear of it and venture to spend an evening there. It is particularly handy for gay residents in the surrounding area, and as time passes should attract customers from further afield.

There are plans to install an electric organ but drag will not be featured. The drinks are standard saloon bar price, 20p for Keg, 18p for bitter, 11p for light ale and 18p for gin, whisky, etc. If you are going there by public transport, the nearest tube is Goldhawk Road on the Metropolitan Line (5 minutes walk) and buses that go past the entrance are No’s 88, 117 and 12.

It’s some time since London had a new gay bar, and The Green Room may possibly prove to be an entertaining, relaxing asset to gay social life. The management (a married couple) and Ronnie certainly seem to be trying their best to make it so.

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