One To Forget

SHADOW GAME by Laurence Eben. Michael Joseph, £2.50

After many months at last a new homosexual book. I paid without thinking and on Sunday curled up with my new book. But what a disappointment. I found the style of writing very hard to read, the characters hardly emerging from the background to become alive. Instead of associating yourself with the hero, you found you couldn’t really have cared less.

The only difference about this book is the new problem of racial barriers imposed by the South African Government. But even this part of the book is vague and you cannot really hate the police. It must be very difficult to write a good homosexual love story now. There will never be another to match “Giovanni’s Room” by James Baldwin.

So it is with regret that I say “Shadow Game” will not become a classic of homophilic love, but another forgotten ‘queer’ book amongst many hundreds which sprang up and died similar deaths.

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