Jewish Press Lashes Gays

LONDON: November’s national think-in held by the Jewish Homosexual Liaison Group has got Orthodox Jewry in Britain hot under the tight white collar of its Saturday-best.

To begin with, the Jewish Chronicle – the national newspaper for British Jews – refused to carry any ads for the think-in because homosexuality doesn’t exist according to the Torah, the ancient set of laws governing Orthodox Jewish beliefs. The Torah goes as far as saying that homosexuals should be killed.

Then the paper decided to carry a report on the think-in held by people it had already said didn’t exist. It was an unbiased piece written by a freelance reporter who stressed what was said by Dr Wendy Greengross and Antony Gray.

This report was duly savaged by a Birmingham doctor, one Dr Gerald Jacobs, of 148 Penshore Road, whose letter was headed “The Sin of Homosexualism”. In it Dr Jacobs said: “What a charade! I had to re-read the report of Dr Wendy Greengross’ address to homosexuals.

“Has she not heard of the absolute condemnation of homosexualism by our holy Torah? … I am disgusted that the report of these abnormals is in fact given the credence to warrant valuable space in your columns. If Dr Greengross is so inclined, by all means organise these sexual malcontents for the purposes of treatment … But to normal heterosexuals the whole subject nauseates.”

But not all the readers of the Jewish Chronicle subscribe to Dr Jacob’s views. He came in for some attack from Samuel Litvin of London and Penelope Goodwin of Southampton.

Mr Litvin said Dr Jacobs should live and let live. Ms Goodwin said: “The ‘divine’ Torah was compiled many thousands of years before full comprehension of homosexuality; it may be indicative of the bigoted attitude of Jewish men that it has taken a Jewish woman, Dr Wendy Greengross, to bring the matter forth into the light of day, instead of leaving it to continue in the stinking dark decay of abysmal ignorance as shown by Dr Jacobs.”

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