Angry Silence Hits RGA

READING: Reading’s Gay Alliance is facing a two-way threat to its social functions.

First, the licensee of the Railway Tavern, where RGA has always held its social evenings and discotheques, forgot to re-apply for his late drinking-and-music licence. That ensured that RGA socials became both silent and sober after ‘closing time’.

Now the brewery that controls the Railway Tavern has told RGA that it mustn’t mention the pub’s name in any press ads, or the brewery will stop RGA holding any functions there.

That fairly certainly, ensures that no-one knows where the RGA discos and socials are held, even in their curtailed form.

The brewery, in effect, was happy enough to take the gays’ money, but after a member of the public “complained” it didn’t want the public to know it had gays in its pub.

But, unabashed, RGA went ahead with plans for New Year celebrations at the Railway, after a promise from the landlord that he’d get the after-hours licence back, so the events could be held realistically.

A spokesman for the brewery said this ban on ads had been imposed after “complaints from a member of the public”.

It isn’t clear whether “complaints from a member of the public” made the licensee of the Railway forget to go through the routine procedure to renew his late drinking/music licence.

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