Boys Will Be….

LONDON: David Cassidy, the eternal teeny-bopper pop star, burst forth onto Sunday morning breakfast tables the other week.

The Sunday Times, investigating the growth of weenybopper rock, its stars, the 12-year-old girls who follow them, and the stars’ proud mums and dads, did a bit on the ageing juvenile himself. It proved rather more revealing than it looked.

Gordon Burn’s article said: ‘David…looked strained and tired and the spots were belching under his orange make-up which had been smeared up from his chest over his face; when a lady photographer asked him to do a kind of jump-for-joy photo, his eyes rolled slowly into the top of his head and, silently, he mouthed a four-letter word.

‘The only person sleeping aboard Ocean Sabre (Cassidy’s yacht moored in mid-Thames) other than the crew and John Monte, David’s road manager, was a rangy, wavy-haired, classically good looking boy who had been described everywhere as ‘David’s room-mate’ – Sam Hyman, David’s best friend.

‘It started off, David wrote in his British fan magazine, just like any other friendship between schoolkids. We played baseball together, spent days down on the beach just goofing around …. we rode the surf together, went camping, rode our bikes for miles … I reckon I know Sam almost as well as I know myself … and I guess he feels the same way about me. Actually, the way I figure it, a good buddy can sometimes know a guy even better than he knows himself.’

Ruth Aarons explained: “He’s funny for a kid. He keeps very much to his own intimate circle of friends.”

We wish both of them well.

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