Please And Thanks – An Encore

Following the Editorial comments about our financial difficulties in GN14, there has been a growing response to our appeal for positive help. In the last issue we printed, under the headline Please And Thanks, a list of those who have contributed to making sure that Gay News carries on being regularly published and that the paper keeps to the standards we have set ourselves.

In this edition we reprint that list, adding to it the many other donations, large and small, that we have received since. We apologise to any people whose names do not appear but have all the same sent us something. Please get in touch and remind us.

The amount of money required was an immediate £500, plus a further £1500 to guarantee our continued existence. If we can gather in this capital, it will mean in a matter of months, that we will be able to stand on our own feet, and as we said in the last issue, make appeals such as this a thing of the past.

Your donations and the interest you have shown in our financial problems give us at Gay News a vigorous determination to make sure that the paper carries on happening in the future. So please accept our most sincere thanks and love for helping to give us the chance to keep on publishing this country’s first independent national newspaper for all gay men and women.

Once again we leave you to calculate how much we have received so far, and how short it is of the amount we need. Of course, we have totalled the list. Why don’t you?

D and G, London £25
AK, Essex £2.70
Enzo, London £2
Kenneth, Scarborough £1
Tony £1
Jim, Glasgow £2.70
David, South London £5.00
Christopher, Oxford £5.00
Philip, Camden £10
Simon, Newark £2.70
Ray, Norwich1 £5
Antique Dealer, London £10
N, London £2
Luke, London £10
C.T. London £1
Milic of Le Faune £5
Joe, Liverpool £5
A F B £20
Henry, West Worthing £5
Phil, uncorn -£2
Customers of Le Faune £9
EG, Brighton 90p
Anon £1
National Federation of Homophile Organisations £50
Robert of Pluckley £50
Challenge £25
Tony & Eric, London NW6 £25
CHE (London) 6 month loan £75
Friend, 3 month loan £50
Scottish Minorities Group £10
Austin, Kirkeudbrightshire £10
Sidney, Challenge £5
Peter, London SW7 £5
G & J, Rochester £5
Arthur & Henry £5
Richard, London £5
Stuart, Glasgow £5
Anonymous, (given at Coleherne) £5
Anonymous £5
Richard, London SW11 £2.70
S, London £1
Peter, London £1
Nick, Blackburn £1
Phil, Cheshire £1
Richard, Malden 70p.
Rob, Nottingham £5
And thanks to George for paying for the hire of our first electric typewriter for six months. £54

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