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Here’s a little recipe my great-aunt Cynthia used to use. It’s now called Fong no-fat fruit cake, and so easy to make. So all you big butch things in Wellington boots or pin-stripe suits, drop whoever you’re doing and rush into the kitchen and don your see-through pinny or rubber mac and let’s go.

What’s needed:

1lb Mixed Fruit (sultanas and raisins)
1 cupful soft brown sugar
1 cupful cold tea (strained)
2 cupfuls S.R. flour.
1 egg.

Fling the mixed fruit, brown sugar and cold tea into a bowl and leave to soak over-night/24 hours. Next, add a beaten egg and mix in the flour. Put the mixture into a well-greased … wait for it … baking tin – one for baking bread is ideal.

Now place in the oven at gas mark 3 or 4 — 325°—350°F for about 1½ hours. Then place on an airing tray and leave till you need it! One important thing, always use the same cup.

So my loves, all you dills and dolls, don’t worry about your fragile shapes as it is nonfattening. Yummy yummy.

PS If this recipe is received with wild jubilant shouts, then I will endeavour to blackmail my Aunty Cynthia for more mouth-watering goodies.

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