Utopia In The Sun

ED: In the Christmas issue of GN, under the headline ‘Whatever Next?’ we printed a copy of a letter that was circulating in gay circles around and across the United States. It was concerned with the promotion of a ‘utopian’ project called City of Men. The organisers were attempting to set up a city for men only in an isolated tropical area. Printed below is a letter recently sent to Warren, the person who originally provided us with the text announcing the project’s intention.

2115 West Alabama 2CG
Houston, Texas 77006

Dear Warren,

You will doubtless be interested in the results of our CITY OF MEN project.

Due to your personal efforts at advertising this promotion, through providing a copy of my letter to you to the Gay News edition in London, we now have filled our quota of 200 members.

You will be pleased to know that not one member is:

1. a closet queen
2. a size queen
3. a limp-wristed swish
4. a transvestite
5. a masochist
6. a sadist
7. an orgy inducer
8. an insecure homosexual who must rely upon auto-stimulation and dildoes.

All are mature and oriented to a life of meaning beyond personal self-gratification. All are God-fearing men who are able to live before God without shame or stigma and are able to serve Christ in their lives.

We had over 2500 applications, but careful investigations and research helped to select the 200 members desired.

We were somewhat surprised to find that your name did not appear among the applications. After having served so faithfully and devotedly on our behalf, we must hasten to express our deepest appreciation and lasting thanks for your splendid co-operation and your personal interest.

The membership roster is now closed and your efforts on our behalf are completed. Again, our warmest and grateful thanks.

N. Barbee

ED: We wish all the members of this project the very best of luck. We would welcome correspondence from any person who became involved in the City Of Men venture by reading about it in this paper.

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