Judging from the tone of your centre page feature in GN 6 and from your readers’ correspondence it would appear your journal has some things against transvestism.

Perhaps your journal (which I may take to be a reflection of the opinion of the ‘straight’ gay world) realises that a great deal of TV’s are not homosexual. Most regard themselves as women, not as gay men. Besides I have found out from experience that gay men just don’t want to know us, they regard us as being altogether much too feminine.

Note I use term ‘Feminine’ as opposed to ‘Effeminate’. The two are poles apart. I for one don’t ‘camp it out in drag’. Drag is a word I never use. I dress in clothes. Many TV’s I know (myself included) appear in female clothing most of the time. Tastefully dressed in a style to suit the individual and properly made (not the hideous war-paint as worn by ‘queens’) up we are accepted without question as women. We wouldn’t wish it otherwise.

A great deal of straight people seem to have the impression that all TV’s are gay and dress as they do solely to attract partners for sex. Nothing could be further from the truth, homosexual practices disgust me. The thought of any man using my body to alleviate his lust nauseates me!

The people who give us a bad name are ‘gay camp queens’ who flutter their eyelashes etc. Therefore if your contributors regard TV’s as giving gays a bad name, so then do TV’s regard gays as giving them the same. Also another reason why gays give us the cold-shoulder – we are to them quite useless for sex and in the ‘meat-market’ gay scene, this counts for little.

By the way, talking of meat-markets, the only place I have been asked to leave was a pub of this type. I don’t believe the landlord found out for himself, one of our gay ‘brothers’ must have told him! This is something which hasn’t occurred (touch wood) in a straight.

One last point – gays should bear in mind that they are to some degree accepted by society, whereas we are definitely not. A gay, by his very nature, must be seen and recognised as such to attract partners. A TV is the diametrical opposite. A TV must play his chosen role to the full and merge completely into the surroundings if he is not to be found out.

Please do not think from what I have written that I have any dislike of gays. As we are all oppressed to some degree, we need all the friends we can get.