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Owing to certain pressures put upon us by the law, we hold the right to cut, change or refuse to print any personal ads sent to us. We must also warn male ‘minors’ (under 21) that you may have unpleasant legal nasties unloaded on you, and us, if you attempt to use and reply for certain reasons connected with the meeting of someone for immoral purposes, namely making love. Apart from those antiquated legalities, men and women are welcome to use these columns as they wish.

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Personal Ads

REPLIES TO BOX ADS. When replying to a box ad(s) place it in an enveolope and attach, not stick a 3p stamp to it. Then place inside a larger envelope and send it to GAY NEWS BOX REPLIES, 19 London Street, London, W2 1HL. The letters ALA after an ad denote ALL LETTERS ANSWERED. AFTER FEBRUARY 12th, no more replies to Box numbers 500 to 700 will be forwarded, unless the advertisers send us a further 50p to cover handling and postage.

WHEN WRITING your personal ads, it would help those wishing to reply, if you mentioned in which area you live.

Young boy, 29, long hair living North East Ken, well built, likes motoring would like to meet dolly boy over 21 to share life please. Photo. Box 920.

Frustrated gay male, alone in house on Devon coast, desperately needs love and affection. Any nationality, photo appreciated; one night or longer. Would share with right guy. Box 921.

John, 26, moved from London to Shrewsbury: attractive, good physique, seeks friends to show gay places. Sense of humour. Photo appreciated. Box 922.

Gay 27 seeks leather/denim friends, not S/M. Working class with sense of humour, genuine, photo. Shrewsbury. Box 923.

Gay active Indian graduate, 36, seeks passive partner any age over 21, any nationality. Interests, classical music, literature. Box 924.

Rugged male, 30s, working class, lonely, seeks sincere friend for occasional get together, drink etc London. Box 925

Leather lover, interested in motor bikes, seeks friends with similar interests. Box 926.

Nottingham gay guy (30) seeks sincere mate. Photo appreciated in return for mine. Box 927.

Straightish guy 25, naturally sincere, needs wild eyed friend, any sex. Own home, S Bucks; also room for rent. ALA. Box 928.

Modern attractive lesbian wants a sincere companion. Interests pubs etc, intelligent conversation, music, people, travel, general. Box 929.

Healthy denim/leather type 29, own flat London, seeks similar uninhibited type. Immediate reply when photo for exchange and phone number is supplied. Box 930.

West Country greaser seeks friend in London for holidays. Also leather boys, hells angels for friendship in West Country. Box 931.

Would sincere, boyish slim gay, over 21, any race, colour, effeminate or not, needing affection, love, interested in sharing life and possessions of slim, youthful understanding guy 29 (job and travel prospects – many interests); Box 932.

Alun – congratulations on your twenty-first. Love, Brian.

Robert F. Please return records and money — David S and Peter H.

Londoner (28) 6′ would like to meet intelligent man in 40s or 50s interested in leather or rubber. Photo appreciated. Box 933.

Graduate, public school, living London, seeks similar companion over 21, fortnight in the sun June/August, also squash, skiing, country weekends possible flat share. Box 934.

Gay graduate 23, 5’10”, 10¾ stone, seeks sincere interesting friend 21-30 for lasting, meaningful relationship in/near Coventry, with view to seeking and sharing flat. Box 935.

North London guy (30) non effeminate, tall, slim, likes cine photography, music, cinema, seeks true friend, non effeminate 25—30. All letters with recent photo answered. Box 936.

Shy inexperienced fair haired boy over 21 seeks young friend, Newcastle area. Photo please. Box 937.

Shy but friendly young man (22) seeks similar for lasting companionship. Inexperienced and fed up with being alone. Resident West Country, but anywhere considered. Photo please. Please help. Write David, Box 938.

Mid-East type, 36, genuine, looking for someone young (over 21) slim, fair, loving, sincere, not camp, hairy or dolly, to share life with in London area. Box 939.

Peter McGrath would like to see old friends. Box 940.

Daveid 30, would like to meet male aged 30—42 in London. Replies with photo answered. Box 941.

Tony, absolutely sincere, genuine, non-effeminate, slim, youthful 40. Active/passive, seeks handsome friend, 21-30 who likes wearing jeans etc for lasting relationship. Continental/oriental guys also welcome. London/Essex. Photos/phone numbers if available, exchanged. Please write. Have car will travel. ALA. Box 942.

Ealing area – gay chap interested in table tennis, chess, pubs and socialising, would like to contact males and females in the area for friendship. No hang ups. Discreet types please Box 943.

Northerner (21) presentable, passive 6’6″ slim, would like to meet active semi professional. Photos not essential (21-29). Box 947.

Slim 23 year old Gemini, needs male friends anywhere. It must be time to enjoy ourselves. Definitely no Scorpios. Box 948.

London gay lady late 40s, interests theatre, photography, reading, wishes to meet another gay lady of similar age and interests with good education and intelligence, with veiw to lasting relationship. Box 944.

Irish gay 30, active, seeks sincere, loyal friend for loving relationship. Must be good humoured, London area aged 25-40. Box 945

Young man, 27, dark hair, sense of humour, versatile, living Surbiton area, would like to meet someone aged 21-30, versatile/active. Photo appreciated. Box 946.

TV director mid 30’s wants to meet Malaysians, Chinese etc 21-28. Nox 961.

Genuine gay guy, effeminate, shy – seeks masculine gays for friendship and fun. Own flat and car. Box 962.

Young man 26 seeks gay friends Windsor/Slough area. Box 949.

Be my Love and make me glad instead of lonely and low. I may be middle aged but I am certainly susceptible. Any gay person who feels lonely or low or even companionable, phone day or night 450 4318.

Passive young 28 year old non effeminate, slim, attractive, seeks genuine friends of same age, sincere. All letters answered. Exchange photos. London area only. Box 950.

Guy, (25) will model legally, also wishes friends. Continental preferred, also Persian. Photo please, returned. Box 951.

Young male 26 — disciplinarian seeks friends 21-28 in soccer/leather gear. Photo essential. John, Box 952.

Londoner 29, seeks friend to start new life. Straight looking with no hang-ups. Likes music, travel, cars, etc. Photo appreciated. Any race, colour, creed or area but no camps please. Box 953.

Quiet gentle boy (but not camp) to share double room in cosy Chiswick flat. We’re all under 23. All informative letters answered. Box 954.

Young 38 guy, normal appearance, good body, would like to hear from similar active types. Photo if possible. ALA. Box 955.

Young guys over 21 required by versatile 35 year old with good physique. Box 956.

Gay young man (25, USA) wishes to correspond /meet others over 21, under 28. Hoping to make good friends and learn a lot. ALA with photo. Box 957.

Discreet gay male, 21 (London) seeks other guys of similar age for sincere friendship. Photo appreciated all letters answered. Box 958.

Attractive passive male (28) seeks genuine friendship with active males 30-40. Own flat. Box 959.

Quiet passive gay 26, wishes to meet active West Indian guy to form sincere relationship in Midlands area. Photo appreciated. Box 960.

Attractive denim guy 26, seeks passive muscle boy aged 21-30 for lasting friendship. Photo and phone number appreciated. Box 963.

Active male (39) living in Essex, seeks passive friend aged 30-40 for sincere relationship and eventually live with. Photos exchanged. ALA. Mike, Box 964

Artist, 26, tall, reasonably good looking, gentle, sincere, masculine, seeks younger friends in London. Photo if any. Box 965.

A nice young, warm sensitive male (27) Cheshire, seeks sincere masculine friend, 22—40 in truern — Heaven! Photo appreciated. Box 966.

Young guy 28 looking for similar denim and swimming enthusiast. Photo appreciated. Box 967. Two gay boys early twenties not camp, living in York area, like motorcycling. Leather, motorbikes, denim. Photos exchanged. ALA. Box 968.

Youth aged 21-25 wanted for dominating relationship by 25 year old. Those with smooth body, long hair and dolly in London/Reading area given preference. Box 969.

Oxford academic 34 seeks companionship from intelligent young man 21-25 with view to personal relationship. Box 970.

Bachelor 45 likes music, arts and outdoor life, seeks similar for loving friendship. Possible sharing of own home N London. Box 971.

Young man 34, central London, would like to hear from anyone interested S/M for discussion. Age immaterial. Varied interests. Box 972.

Cumberland and far North West. Lonely gay seeks friends for fun, friendship and affection. Anyone thought of starting a group here? Box 973.

Passive young 35 year old, slim build wishes to meet well-built active partner for mutual pleasure. Photo if possible. Box 974.

Genuine friendship needed by quiet bachelor, Plymouth, South west area. Someone with strong manly affections, to appreciate good mate. Can accommodate. Any photo welcome. Box 975.

Lonely guy 21 (Rochdale). Sincere, good looking intelligent, butch, but also versatile, seeks honest person/people for mutual satisfaction. Please state age. Photo appreciated. Box 976.

Lonely 40; slim 5’10”, won house in country west of Newcastle, seeks friend same age or younger. Photo appreciated. Box 977

West Indies: any info on gay scene appreciated for forthcoming holiday. Box 978.

Midland guy 30 living Sussex bright sense of humour and outlook, own pad near sea. Wild about skinheads, leather/denim relationships. Wants butch mates 21-40. Photo ensures prompt reply. Box 979.

We are 21 and 26 interested in Levi and denim. 1 or 2 guys over 21, under 24 would be welcome for weekends. Please send photos. Box 980

Is there an attractive, long-haired, straight or bisexual (only) young guy 22-28 with a car, looking for a FRIEND “to hang around with” going to discos, pubs, clubs etc for fun. Please write with photo. It might be the start of a lovely friendship. London. Box 986.

Like sailing? Friends wanted, my age, (26) or younger, to help me sail my yacht weekends. Box 987.

Lonely young man 37 seeks genuine friendship with person of same age group; interests include leather and rubber wear, but basic desire to be loved. Photo if possible. All letters answered. Box 981.

Male 31 open personlity, seeks sincere friends. Camden/Kentish Town area. Box 982.

Active young bachelor 35 own flat, car, Manchester/Bolton area, would like to meet ordinary working boy looking for permanent relationship. Prefer small type 21 to mid 20s. Background, shyness, inexperience, unimportant. Box 983.

Student (22) very inexperienced but with wide interests would like penfriends any nationalities, aged 21-35 for correspondence and possible meeting. Photo appreciated (returned). Box 984.

22 year old very attractive boy, versatile, wants leather jacket, well built, masculine guys only (no Coleherne guys). Photo please. Will reply to all letters with my photo. Box 985.

Sociable, happy, 48 gay desires company of good conversationalist, especially Asian and Eastern friends. Interested photography, painting, creative art, all music. Any age, race, but gay. Reading. Box 988.

34 Edinurgh, well travelled, not in gay scene, seeks active friend. No hang-ups but no camps or insular minds please. ALA. Box 989.

Young man, attractive, good physique, sincere, seeks another 21-35 London area, non-effeminate view lasting friendship. Please send photo (return promised with mine) Box 990.

Sophisticated, well-built passive 35 year old Londoner, masculine, good looks, not effeminate, quite wanton, likes active males. Also keen on photography and joining a friendly male group. Will send photo and full details by return. Box 991.

Help. Information required. Young man researching of PhD into the leather, S/M world. Please send any material on experience on all side lines, ie books, films, art etc. Details in confidence. Box 992.

Guy 34 seeks friendship with young dancer, actor or musician. If compatible could share comfortable South London home. Box 993.

Bachelor 51, passive, young at heart, uninhibited, seeks genuine and permanent friendship. Colour, age, race immaterial, but prefer dominant type. London. Box 994.

Scottish bachelor clan offers good company, social events, pen pals, etc. Members all over British Isles. Send SAE for details to: Secretary, c/o 1056 Dumbarton Rd. Glasgow W4.

Tall, slim, good looking Asian student 22 wishes to meet kind active sincere man for genuine friendship. Write with SAE to BM, Box 1030, London WC1.

Young gay student, 21, would like to meet other gays living here at “plats”. Robert Poxon, Kings College Hall, Champion Hill, SE5.

Will Michael H Clarkson please telephone Marshall 01-352 5844 evenings as soon as possible. Urgent.

Bachelor 34 would like to meet someone 25-38 concerned with the why of things, reserved, but not too serious, wanting lasting relationship. Sensitive yet masculine. Photo appreciated. Box 995.

Gay girl needs affectionate feminine friends 25-35 for sincere, lasting friendship. Likes music, countryside, photo appreciated, returned. South West. Box 996.

26 year old Londoner, hairy, seeks passive boy, 21-28. Hope to develop into a lasting relationship. Interested in theatre, cinema, books and music. All letters answered. Box 997.

The S/M Study Circle. Sounds interesting? Please send details. Box 998.

Married gay male 26 (not effeminate) living in Essex, seeks similar, or single active male, age not important. All letters answered. Box 999.

Guy 21 lonely and unfulfilled, non effeminate, of Latin parents seeks relationship with similar 21-25. Photo appreciated. Box 1000.

Butch guy mid thirties seeks temporary accommodation and new contacts near central Slough. Box 1001.

Young good looking dark haired male, versatile, seeks similar for genuine friendship. Please send photo. All letters genuinely answered. Please state likes and dislikes. Box 1002.

London man 40s like companion share house, garden. Possibly business venture too? Musician, chess or bridge palyer welcome. Box 1003.

Shropshire CHE now off the ground. Friendly discreet meetings held fortnightly. For details contact Box 1004.

36 year old male, very sincere, love to meet genuine, honest type 21-40-ish. Also if possible to share whilst own flat being modernised. Photo returnable. ALA Box 1020.

Where are all the young, beautiful guys with chipped front teeth or a gap between front teeth. I am generally interested so please write. Box 819.

Desperately lonely student, very shy, needs a very genuine friendship in Doncaster area (ages 21 to 24). Looks are unimportant, but a personality is needed. Someone please write. Box 1021.

The finest things in life are what I like. I’m 24, living in Medway, Kent. Successful, ambitious, intelligent, serious. The cultural scene is my thing. I seek similar young guy for genuine friendship. Box 1022.

Newspaper man, 50, working evenings, is desperately lonely and longs for loving companion London area to share life and eventually home. Interested music, theatre, walking, domesticity. Box 1023

Tall, clean cut good looking American (25) wants an intelligent attractive English boy (over 21) for pleasant relationship. Photos only (returned) and telephone. London only. Box 1024.

Gay male 28 wishes to meet similar over 30. Photo appreciated. All letters answered. Box 1025.

Bisexual male 26, educated, heterosexuallv inexperienced, seeks educated, sincere, straight bi/gay girl aged 21-30 for explorative relationship. Photo appreciated. South London area. Box 1026.

Male 28 fun loving but serious and sincere, seeks loving relationship with non effeminate guy, 21-30 London. All letters answered. Box 1027.

6’2” well built gay 28, requires well built male, dominant, over 21. Box 1028.

Passive 6′ tall dark and handsome Maltese 30 seeks active friends 25-45 in London. Photos please. ALA Box 1029.

22 year old versatile, well built guy, seeks other attractive guys over 21, not over 30 for all kinds of fun and friendship. Photo please. Box 1030.

Tangerine peeler available. Box 1031.

Gay girl 23 wishes to meet a genuine friend. Box 1032.

Can any reader offer horse riding to single male Herefordshire. Box 1033.

I’m 6’0″ brown hair, blue eyes, slim (too slim) 27 (young) considered to be very good looking, very successful, have a very nice flat and a beautiful flat mate etc. I’ve got a lot of wonderful friends and in fact I’m relatively happy (though rather unfulfilled. What I haven’t got is enough access to well-balanced and adjusted gay friends. I’m not into gay clubs as I don’t thrive on this “all male thing” (though I do like other clubs), and I’m not into super pooves either. Is there anyone out there who’s young, between 21 and 30, good looking, inside and out, slim, versatile and broadminded enough to accept himself as a human being that happens to groove with boys in bed and not a member of the “I’m different” set. I’m interested in everything, particularly “Smash The Mirror” by Maggie Bell and the next track off Tommy, China, Jeanne Moreau in “Les Amantes” and maybe you. A photograph would be great and I’ll write back to anyone who answers. Box 1034.

Young wanderer would like to meet friends of beautiful mind. Like art, dislike clubs. Box 1041.

Young guy (22) interested in artistic life, is looking for people to share his enthusiasm. Sense of humour necessary. Box 1042.

Student 21, 5’7”, 10 stone, not camp, seeks lasting friendship, photo please. Will be returned. Box 1043.


Quiet room suitable young executive or student, luxury block, swimming pool, squash, sauna, restaurant, colour TV 7 mins Piccadilly. £12 p.w. Telephone 834 5238.

Accommodation offered. Share compact house with one other in Shepperton Middx. Stn. 5 mins with regular trains Waterloo. £25 per month, including central heating, gas, electricity. Share telephone. Box 1005.

Permanent accommodation urgently required in W1 or SW1 by clean, gay, educated young man 22. Willing to share. £5-6 per week. Box 1006.

Man in early 50s wanted to share home in suburban Kent, 30 mins from town. Active type preferred. Box 1007.

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