Aznavour Laments

01-197205XX 9Dusty Springfield’s new single is an arrangement of a Charles Aznavour song, Yesterday When I Was Young. Dusty has always been a fine pop singer, and this song is perfect material for her. With a large string section busily and hurriedly soaring in accompaniment Dusty soulfully steers her way through the song. It at times reminds me of those heavy romantic sadies that were always in the singles chart a few years ago. Many of Dusty’s singles are classics of that period, along with Dionne Warwick’s first single hits and even Cilla Black’s successes on a few occasions.

Dusty’s interpretation of this weepy retains much of the feel of that period but along with greater technical know-how arrngers and the more mature soulfullness of her voice is very much a part of the small group of people who produce good, popular soft-rock. It might even encourage me to watch dreary Top of the Pops if I know Dusty is going to sing her new record.