Drifters Magic

“Saturday Night at the Club” – The Drifters – Atlantic K40412

19720901-11Following the recent chart success of the re-issue of At the Club and Saturday Night At The Movies on a maxi single, Atlantic have released a generous 14-track album of The Drifters, featuring the two previously mentioned tracks.

The Drifters have had a long and successful career, and despite many personnel changes, have produced some of the most rewarding soul music on record. Even in their earlier days, when recording techniques were primitive by today’s standards, the amount of attention paid to the quality of their sound put them away above what most other similar groups were doing. And they have consistently maintained this quality on all but a few of their recordings.

Other factors which have attributed to their continuing popularity have been the use of exceptionally fine rhythm sections, and well thought out and inventive arrangements. And what with their smooth vocal work they have created songs that will be played for some time to come.

Apart from the title tracks, the most notable songs included on this album are Baby What I Mean (which is still an evergreen favourite in discotheques), She Never Talked To Me That Way and Be My Lady. Another particularly good track is Up In The Streets Of Harlem, which comes from their On Broadway/Under The Boardwalk period and has much of the same sound that made those tracks so excellent.